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Community intervention trials
Social audit of public services
Knowledge synthesis
Teaching and training
During 2007 participants from Angola are taking part in CIET's African Development of AIDS Prevention Trial (ADAPT) programme which aims to build on local health capacity to plan, conduct, analyse and use the evidence from large scale, multi-centred AIDS prevention trials in southern Africa.
 CIET began its work in Angola in 1991, carrying out four cycles of fact-finding and communication. CIET also ran an eight-week course on modern epidemiology in planning. In the summer of 1999, CIET conducted an evaluation of Angola’s Mine Awareness Programme.
A summary of the mine awareness programme report -- with and without images -- is available from the Library.
See also: N.Andersson, A.Swaminathan, C.Whitaker & M.Roche. Mine Smartness and the Community Voice in Mine-Risk Education: Lessons from Afghanistan and Angola. In: Future of Humanitarian Mine Action. Editor Kristian Berg Harpviken. London/Palgrave 2004.