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2007.12.14 - Second module AIDS prevention trial training completed


GABORONE, Botswana, 19 November -14 December 2007
CIET ran the second module of its eight week intensive course on AIDS prevention trials and evidence-based planning. The course is part of CIET’s programme of African Development of AIDS Prevention Trials capacities (ADAPT), funded by
Canada’s Global Health Research Initiative. The goal of ADAPT is to build local research capacities to support Africans in planning, conducting and analysing large-scale, multi-centred AIDS prevention trials.

The first module of the course ran from 7 May to 1 June 2007, with 24 participants from governments, universities and NGOs of 14 countries. It covered theoretical and practical aspects of epidemiology, statistics, randomised controlled trials (RCTs) and evidence-based planning. After the first course module, CIET then conducted, in 10 of the countries, all in the SADC region, national surveys of the impact of mass media on HIV and AIDS prevention among adults and school going youth. Course participants took part in the training of field teams and data collection in their own countries, with this experience counting towards their overall course participation. 

The second module focused on knowledge translation, GIS techniques, meta analysis and systematic reviews, and analysis of cross-sectional studies and randomised controlled trials. Participants had the opportunity to apply their learning from the first module, analyzing their own national data from the 2007 AIDS prevention survey.

The course faculty included Prof Neil Andersson, CIET executive director and course director, Dr Anne Cockcroft, Deb Milne, and Ari Ho-Foster, with Prof Lehana Thabane of McMaster University (RCT module), Steve Mitchell (GIS module), Jorge Laucirica (communications module), and Beverly Shea (systematic review and meta analysis).

In 2008, CIET will continue to work with the network of researchers created across SADC, consolidating skills, communicating findings from the surveys, and designing and seeking funding for multi-country AIDS prevention trials.

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