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2008.08.27 - Special issue of Pimatisiwin on resilience

Special issue of Pimatisiwin on resilience
A special collection of articles on resilience by CIET authors has appeared in the Summer 2008 edition of Pimatisiwin: A Journal of Indigenous and Aboriginal Community Health.  This is a peer reviewed, web-based journal published twice each year by Native Counselling Services of Alberta in Canada.
The collection is varied. It contains three literature reviews, a paper synthesising the results of fourteen years of CIET research on resilience among aboriginal youth, two other scientific research papers illustrating case studies of the practice of resilience research, an example of a successful research proposal and data sharing agreement, examples of how research evidence is used for community decision-making, a description of the work of community-based researchers and structured conversations with a community elder and an Aboriginal researcher. All of the above are written by or with CIET authors. The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, a CIET partner, has also provided a paper on culturally competent service provision issues experienced by Aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS.
Pimitisiwin editors Patti LaBoucane-Benson and Nancy Gibson write: "It is our intention that this profile provides the reader with a comprehensive resource on aspects of research which are often not addressed in the literature, particularly the early stages of building partnerships, and sustaining them throughout the research process."
The articles are available for downloading at: http://www.pimatisiwin.com/journals.php.