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SEPA (Communication)
SEPA: CIET's take on communication for development
Communication is at the core of any development effort. However, development agencies, governments, researchers, and academics disagree on what to use communication for and how best to communicate with people. Some think in terms of “dissemination”; others speak of  “social mobilization,” “social marketing” or “knowledge transfer”. Many seem to believe in a higher knowledge that comes from science and should go straight into people’s minds and change their lives.


In CIET, we see communication as the way to build the voices of the community into planning, particularly those of the most disadvantaged. As researchers, we partner with communities to help them identify and solve their development challenges in their own terms and in a sustainable manner, based on the participatory search, lay interpretation and public discussion of local evidence. We call this process SEPA: socializing evidence for participatory action. 
Countries with special SEPA experiences include Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan and South Africa.
For a three-page executive report on SEPA, click here.