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PEI: Perinatal health: preliminary cycle, 1999
PEI: Perinatal health: preliminary cycle, 1999
A preliminary information management cycle study was completed during the summer of 1999 to develop an information management plan of the people, process, hardware and software relating to prenatal class delivery, breastfeeding status, referral systems, service delivery, going home and psycho-social needs. The perinatal working group consisted of representatives from Health Informatics, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Public Health Services, Child and Family Services and the Reproductive Care Programme of P.E.I.
One product of this cycle was the design and application of hand-held computer technology to the electronic capture of routine perinatal data. This became the subject of a master's thesis by Ari Ho-Foster of CIET. This thesis is available from the library

summary of this preliminary cycle is also available from the Library.