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Nicaragua: Agroforestry, baseline, 2001
Nicaragua: Agroforestry, baseline, 2001
In two municipalities of the department of Chinandega a consortium of United Nations agencies (UNF, UNFIP, UNDP and WFP) supported a project intended to transform traditional farming and livestock systems into agro-forestry. CIET was invited to establish a baseline for evaluating the project. Interviews were conducted in 808 households in 25 communities of the municipalities of Cinco Pinos and Santo Tomás del Nance.
Some 12% of the landholdings were forest land an additional 8% were available for reforestation. Half of the households had carried out some soil conservation activity during the previous year and a third had "improved the forest area." The participation of youth in community reforestation activities was 7%.
The baseline report is available from the library.