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Community intervention trials
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In 1996 CIET evaluated a Costa Rican programme to prevent the spread of dengue fever after a flood disaster.
In Mexico, CIET has studied the biting habits of the dengue-bearing Aedes Aegypti mosquito relative to those of the Anopheles mosquito that carries malaria and also surveyed households and schools in the port city of Acapulco concerning knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding dengue.
In Managua, Nicaragua, the pilot project entitled "Evidence-based, community-derived interventions for prevention and control of dengue" paved the way for Camino Verde, a large randomised controlled cluster trial in both Mexico and Nicaragua to test new community-driven solutions to the dengue threat.
A special website on the Camino Verde project was launched in Spanish on January 20, 2012. It is available at http://caminoverde.ciet.org/es/.