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Community intervention trials
Social audit of public services
Knowledge synthesis
Teaching and training
In Pakistan the gender gap in primary education was the subject of studies in three provinces and one district of the fourth province in 1998-2001 (Community Voice in Planning) and education services is one of the topics being covered in the Social Audit on Governance and Delivery of Public Services 2004-2009. Accompanying that social audit in 2004 was an examination of enrolment of children aged 5-9 years in religious schools (madaris).
"The path to school" was the subject of one of the LoPHID cycles in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1999.
Education services are usually part of any comprehensive service delivery survey or social audit. This was the case in the West Bank and Gaza service delivery survey of 1998 and in social audits in South Africa's Northern and Eastern Cape provinces in 2001.
School enrollment and absenteeism, as well as child labour, were important indicators in the community baseline study of social vulnerability done in Venezuela in 2003.
See also: Corruption: the invisible price-tag on education.