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Community intervention trials
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After a 1989-90 measles epidemic in Mexico, CIET investigated the costs incurred by the communities and the health services as a consequence of the outbreak; and showed that it is cheaper to vaccinate against measles than to control an epidemic.
See:  Andersson, N., Paredes, S., Legorreta, J., Ledogar, R.J. Who pays for measles? The economic argument for sustained universal child immunization. Health Policy and Planning 1992; 7(4):352-63.
In Liberia a measles campaign during a 1993 truce in that country's civil war was evaluated.
In Pakistan, measles vaccination has been the primary focus of a cluster randomised trial concerning household cost-benefit decisions on childhood immunisation. Five articles describing the results of this trial have bee published in BMC International Health and Human Rights and can be found at http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-698X/9?issue=S1.