Afghanistan: Evaluating mine-risk education, 1997

Afghanistan: health, literacy, sanitation, nutrition and education, 1997

Afghanistan: Land Mines, 1994

Afghanistan: Social Audit of Health Services, 2008

Angola: Evaluation of Mine Awareness Programme, 1999

Baltics: Social Audit on System Leakage, 2002

Bangladesh: Arsenic Poison in Tubewells, 2002

Bangladesh: Health services reform, 1999-2003

Bangladesh: Baseline Service Delivery Survey (HPSP), 1999

Bangladesh: Second Service Deivery Survey (HPSP), 2000

Bangladesh: Third Service Delivery Survey (HPNP), 2003

Bangladesh: Hospital Improvement Initiative 2000-2003

Bangladesh: Local Level Planning , 2001

Bolivia: Multiple Indicator Baseline 1996

Bolivia: National Integrity Survey, 1998

Bolivia: Private sector view of corruption in public services

Bolivia: Public view of corruption in services

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Social Audit of World Bank cash assistance programme, 1997

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Food Security 1994 – 1996

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Food Security, 1996

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Food Security, Social Support and Agriculture 1994

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Food Security,1995

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Land Mines 1995

Botswana: Community views about HIV testing and antiretroviral treatment

INSTRUCT fieldwork underway in Botswana

Botswana: Parliamentarians and evidence-based decisions, 2011

Burkina Faso: Diarrhoea Among Children 1994-1995

Cambodia: Social Cost of Landmines, 1994

Canada: ACRA, 1998-present

Canada: AFN evaluation of the Canada Prenatal Nutrition Programme, 2001-2003

Canada: Anisnabe Kekendazone – Network Environment for Aboriginal Health Research (AK-NEAHR) [formerly ACADRE]

Canada: Colloquium on ethics in Aboriginal health research, Ottawa 2003

Canada: Inuit Institute for Research and Planning, 2008-present

CANADA: Inuit Winter Institute for Research and Planning – On-going graduate activities

Canada: Cigarette use among Native Canadian youth in Winnipeg, M

Canada: CIHR Centre for Intercultural Research on Prevention of Gender Violence

Canada: First Nations Youth Inquiry into Tobacco Use, 1996

Canada: Local Public Health Infrastructure Development (LoPHID), 1998-2000

Labrador, 1999-2000

Labrador: Breastfeeding, 1999

Labrador: Children’s dental health, 2000

Newfoundland, Eastern Region, 1998-2000

Eastern Newfoundland, Perinatal Care, 1999

Eastern Newfoundland: Heart health, 2000

Eastern Newfoundland: youth risk and resilience, 1998

Nova Scotia, Eastern Region, 1998-2000

Eastern Nova Scotia: Decision-making in 9-12 year olds, 1999

Eastern Nova Scotia: Perinatal care, 1998

Nova Scotia, Northern Region, 1998-2000

Northern Nova Scotia: Child health practices, 9-12 years, 1999

Northern Nova Scotia: Perinatal care, 1998

Northern Nova Scotia: The path to school: 0-5 years, 2000

Prince Edward Island, 1998-2000

PEI: Perinatal health: preliminary cycle, 1999

PEI: Perinatal health: province-wide cycle, 2000

PEI: Seniors and dependencies, 1998

Canada: Preventing domestic violence in Aboriginal communities

Canada: Problems of Urban Aboriginal Youth, 1996

Canada: The Aboriginal Community Youth Resilience Network (ACYRN

Canada: The Aboriginal Community Youth Resilience Network (ACYRN) – Alberta

Canada: The Aboriginal Community Youth Resilience Network (ACYRN) – Alberta action planning sessions

Canada: The Aboriginal Community Youth Resilience Network (ACYRN) – Atlantic Canada

*CIET origins*

Colombia: Indigenous community health agents

Colombia: Recovery and promotion of indigenous knowledge

Costa Rica: Assessment of disaster emergency response, 1996

Costa Rica: Dengue and Flooding, 1996

Costa Rica: Monitoring of Child Rights, 1997

Costa Rica: School Desertion and Repetition 1995

Costa Rica: Social Audit of Human Rights in the Canton of Upala, 1996

Ethiopia: Access to basic services for children, 1994

Ethiopia: Community-based monitoring of relief food aid, 2001

Guatemala: Cholera Control and Prevention, 1999

Honduras: HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Youth, 2002

Liberia: Evaluation of measles vaccination campaign in Monrovia,

Maldives: Reproductive Health Survey, 1999-2004

Maldives: Reproductive Health Baseline Survey, 1999

Maldives: Reproductive Health Follow-up Survey, 2004

Mali: Service Delivery Survey 1995

Mexico: Active tuberculosis surveillance in rural communities, 1

Mexico: Acute respiratory infections in under-fives, 1986

Mexico: Capillaria Hepatica in Rats and Acapulcan Children, 1993

Mexico: Chagas Disease 1986

Mexico: Child labour: Working Children of Acapulco 1987-1993

Mexico: Community Dermatology, 1990-95

Mexico: Dengue in Acapulco – Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices,

Mexico: Diarrhea in Children under Three Years Old,1989

Mexico: Domestic violence against pregnant women in Ometepec, Guerrero, 2001

Mexico: Dyspareunia and episiotomies – a case-control study in an Acapulco hospital, 2006

Mexico: Indigenous newborns surviving in cultural safety, 2007-2

Mexico: First stage of fieldwork comes to a close in the mountains of Guerrero, 2008

Mexico: Intestinal Parasites, 1990

Mexico: Malaria and Dengue, 1988-present

Mexico: Measles, 1989-1990

Mexico: Micro Regional Planning, 1992-1995

Mexico: Occupational Risk of Infection with HIV, 1989

Mexico: Research and capacity building on tuberculosis in Guerre

Active tuberculosis surveillance in rural communities, 1987-1990

Recent TB transmission: systematic review 1994-2005

Risk factors associated with chronic coughing among indigenous and mestizo populations of Guerrero State, 2003

Tuberculosis in Acapulco: a colonial legacy, 2007

Mexico: Safe Childbirth – 1995-96

Mexico: Scorpion Sting, 1987

Mexico: Student Smoking, 1991

Mozambique: Social Cost of Landmines, 1994-1995

Nepal: Children — Six surveys on health, nutrition, water & sanitation, maternal care and agriculture, 1995-1998

Nepal NMIS Cycle 1: Health and Nutrition, 1995

Nepal NMIS Cycle 2: Primary Education, 1995

Nepal NMIS Cycle 3: Diarrhoea, Water and Sanitation, 1996

Nepal NMIS Cycle 4: Early Childhood Feeding, Nutrition and Development, 1996

Nepal NMIS Cycle 5: Care During Pregnancy, 1997

Nepal NMIS Cycle 6: Service Delivery Survey, Health and Agriculture Services, 1997

Nicaragua: Agroforestry, baseline, 2001

Nicaragua: Anti-corruption struggle, 1998-2014

Nicaragua: Baseline for monitoring WFP assistance to families affected by drought and flooding, 2000

Nicaragua: Importers perceptions of customs procedures, 1997

Nicaragua: Inclusive business for small-scale coffee farmers, 2008

Slide show on Inclusive business for small-scale coffee farmers

*Nicaragua: Inclusive tourism in 8 Central American localities*

Nicaragua: Institutional Development of a Local NGO

Nicaragua: New Model of Health Insurance Reform 1997-1998

Nicaragua: Health Care for Injured Workers, Health Insurance System Follow-up, 1998

Nicaragua: New Model of Health Insurance Baseline, 1997

Nicaragua: Pilot dengue control intervention, 2004-2007

Nicaragua: Rapid assessment of food, nutritional, health and water situation in drought-affected Northwest, 2002

Nicaragua: Service Delivery Surveys, 1995-1996

Nicaragua: Baseline SDS – Transport, Environment, Customs and Finance, 1995

Nicaragua: Follow-up SDS on Urban Transport in Managua, 1996

Nicaragua: Social Audit of the emergency response and reconstruction after hurricane Mitch, 1999-2001

First two phases of the Social Audit on reconstruction after hurricane Mitch, 1999

Third phase of the Social Audit following hurricane Mitch, 2001

Nicaragua: UNICEF Programme of Cooperation, 2013-2017

Nigeria: A health information and planning system for Bauchi and Cross River (2008-2014)

First evidence cycle

Monitoring to make a difference in maternal health in Bauchi State, Nigeria

Nigeria: Demonstration social audits, 2006

Nigeria: Human capital for evidence-based planning

Nigeria: Course in epidemiology and evidence-based planning

Second evidence cycle

University seminar series

Pakistan: Access to Justice for the Women of Karachi, 2001-2002

Pakistan: Challenging myths about madrasah (madarsah) education

Pakistan: Community Voice in Planning, 1996-1999

Community response to water and sanitation risk, 1997-1998

The bond of care, 1998-1999

The Gender Gap in Primary Education, 1996-97

Pakistan: Evidence-led Health Communication Tools, 2000-2001

Pakistan: Gender violence — Social audit of abuse against women, 2001-2004

Pakistan: Household cost-benefit decisions about immunisation, 2005-2009

Pakistan: Publications on immunisation decisions

Pakistan: Skills training in evidence-based planning, 2005

Pakistan: Social audit focus district scheme, 2004-2009

Haripur focus district

Khairpur focus district

Khanewal focus district

Lasbela focus district

Sialkot focus district

Pakistan: Social Audits of delivery of public services, 2001-2008

Social audit and devolution baseline, 2002

Social audit of governance and delivery of public services, 2004-2008

Ten district pilot social audit, 2001

Pakistan: Socialising Evidence for Participatory Action (SEPA)

Serbia & Montenegro: Effects of war on health and social conditi

South Africa: ART treatment in Free State Province 2004

South Africa: Community views of antiretroviral therapy: strengthening stakeholder information systems in southern Africa

South Africa: Community views of service delivery, Northern Prov

South Africa: Education on sexual violence and HIV/AIDS: Beyond

South Africa: Gender violence and HIV counseling skills for rural elders in Limpopo province, 2005-6

South Africa: Impact and coverage of telecentres, 1998

South Africa: Local economic development in the Wild Coast, 1997-2007

South Africa: Policy-oriented synthesis of evidence for AIDS prevention, 2006

South Africa: Service delivery, Amatole District, Eastern Cape,

South Africa: Sexual violence & HIV/AIDS National Youth Survey, 2001-2004

South Africa: Sexual violence in South Johannesburg, 1997-2000

South Africa: Social Audit of Health Services, Gauteng, 2003-2004

Southern Africa: A decision tool for the SADC countries on HIV/AIDS prevention

Southern Africa: AIDS prevention through reduced choice-disability: a randomized control trial

BNS: Beyond Victims and Villains – 2009 update

BNS: Focused workshop

Southern Africa: building capacity for AIDS prevention trials

ADAPT (Video)

ADAPT alumni

First phase of ADAPT (2007-2009)

ADAPT eight-week course, 2007

Second phase of ADAPT (2010-2014)

Second training for parliamentarians, 2012

Systematic review module, 2012

Training course for HIV researchers in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), Botswana 2013

Training for SADC researchers and research users in Botswana

Southern Africa: Gender-based violence and HIV

Southern Africa: Soul City Media Impact Evaluation, 2002-2008

Swaziland: Assessment of an HIV prevention campaign to reduce multiple sexual partners, 2005-06

Tanzania: Corruption in the Police, Judiciary, Revenue and Lands Services, 1996

Uganda: National Corruption Survey, 1998

Uganda: Service Delivery Surveys on Agriculture and Health, 1995

United States: Support to commuity organizations in North Brooklyn, 1998-99

United States: The CIET-El Puente Partnership, 1995-2003

United States, El Puente: Asthma and Latino cultures — article in the American Journal of Public Health, 2000

United States, El Puente: Asthma mastery in action, 1998-2002

United States, El Puente: Asthma survey, 1998

United States, El Puente: Consumption of sweet snack foods by 9th graders, 2006

United States, El Puente: High school curriculum on science for community action, 1996

United States, El Puente: Monitoring particulate exposure, 1995-96

United States, El Puente: Student survey on environment and health, 1995

United States, El Puente: Survey on asthma and home remedies, 1999

United States, El Puente: Youth involvement in community health and environment, 1996-98

Venezuela: Community Baseline for Monitoring Social Vulnerability, 2003

West Bank & Gaza: Service Delivery Survey, 1998