Bangladesh: Local Level Planning , 2001

Bangladesh: Review of First Phase, Local Level Planning, 2001
As part of the Health and Population Sector Programme (HPSP), a process of support for local level planning (LLP) was undertaken in five ‘first phase’ districts and the upazilas within them. This proved to be a very labour intensive process and therefore, before deciding to extend the process nationally, a review of the initiative was carried out. A key part of this review was a survey to seek information about the process from those involved at upazila, district and national levels. It was too soon to consider impact of the LLP process so the work concentrated on the process: how this was perceived and experienced and what suggestions people had for the further expansion of LLP across the country. The findings were generally positive but confirmed that the first phase process was too time consuming to be feasible nationally. The survey also highlighted problems with the tools used for the first phase LLP. Suggestions for how to change the process for application nationally are included in the report.
The report is avaliable from the Library.