Bolivia: National Integrity Survey, 1998

In October of 1997, the Government of Bolivia convened the first National Dialogue “Bolivia Hacia el Siglo XXI”, to which representatives of civil society and the full political spectrum was invited. One of the four working groups dealt with justice and institutionality and arrived at a consensus on the struggle against corruption.Taking the recommendation to establish permanent mechanisms for coordination and consultation between the state, the political system and civil society, the Office of the Vice President launched the National Integrity Plan and a Campaign against Corruption, involving all these sectors. The Vice President requested the support of the Economic Development Institute (EDI) of the World Bank, to carry out a baseline on which the Plan could be based. CIETinternational provided technical support for the survey which took place in two parts.
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Final reports on both parts (population and private sector) of the survey are available, in Spanish, from the library.