Bosnia & Herzegovina: Food Security, 1996

The 1996 Bosnia Vulnerability Survey, conducted in February/March 1996, revisited the communities involved in the 1994 and 1995 UNHCR/WFP studies of food security. It followed trends in food aid in Bosnia to provide information for a transition and exit strategy. In each of the ethnic and programme areas of the country analysis workshops were held to derive area-specific strategies. Area-level data and opinions were then aggregated for analysis in the final programme workshop with government and aid officials in Sarajevo on 18-19 March. The central question of this workshop was how to relate the overall increase in food security that the survey demonstrated with a notable decline in targeting of food aid to the most vulnerable. The report identifies vulnerable groups, targeting strategies, changing eligibility criteria for food aid and implications for the time frame of aid withdrawal. A flexible periodic scheme for monitoring food aid in the transition period was proposed, one that would permit fine tuning of food aid policies under the rapidly changing conditions of Bosnia.