In mid-2006 CIET conducted a household survey in communities across Botswana, asking about use and experience of government health services and views about routine HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy. The results were published in 2007 in the online journal BMC International Health and Human Rights.
Botswana is the seat of the ADAPT project which CIET runs in partnership with the Department of Population Studies at the University of Botswana in Gaborone. ADAPT stands for the African Development of AIDS Prevention Trial which aims to build on local health capacity to plan, conduct, analyse and use the evidence from large scale, multi-centred AIDS prevention trials in southern Africa. It is funded by Canada’s Global Health Research Initiative. 

In October 2011, the ADAPT programme collaborated with the government of Botswana to run a two day training session for parliamentarians about evidence-based decision making. Further similar training is planned in Botswana and potentially in other countries in the region.

Botswana is also a participant in other Southern Africa regional projects: the eight-country Soul City impact evaluation of 2002-2008 and the pragmatic randomized controlled trial on AIDS prevention through reduced choice-disability.
CIET works in partnership with the Ministry of Health’s Department of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care.