Canada: Local Public Health Infrastructure Development (LoPHID), 1998-2000

Public sector managers make daily choices to allocate limited resources. When their decisions and dialogue with stakeholders is based increasingly on evidence, this can optimise public health investment. In Canada, despite availability of large volumes of high quality linkable and geo-indexed data, local and provincial public health managers often find themselves without the information they need to enhance the impact of their programs.

Between 1998 and 2000, CIET methods were adapted for use in the Local Public Health Infrastructure Development (LoPHID) project, a Health Canada pilot effort in five health regions in the Atlantic Provinces. The aim of LoPHID was to increase local capacity to plan strategically, to access existing data, to obtain and to use local evidence. The LoPHID framework allowed each region to pursue its own priorities and to resolve its own needs for evidence, but in a way that permitted eventual aggregation to provincial and national level.

For summaries by region go to the separate cycles in each region.

On July 14-16 1999 CIETcanada in collaboration with Health Canada and the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada sponsored a colloquium discussing LoPHID. A paper summarizing discussions at that colloquium is available from the Library.