United States, El Puente: Consumption of sweet snack foods by 9th graders, 2006

Twenty-nine students administered a questionnaire to one another in pairs to recall all sweet snack foods and drinks they had consumed during the previous 24 hours. Nearly two out of every three did not eat breakfast at home that morning. The average student consumed about 2,200 calories by eating sweets and drinking sweet drinks outside of meal times. (Calorie counts were made on the basis of labels from food products in a supermarket.) It appears that a number of the young people may be consuming the majority, if not all, of their recommended daily calorie intake in the form of sweet snacks and drinks. For those who skip one or more meals, these sweet snacks and drinks may constitute most of what they eat. For others who do eat regular meals, snacks may represent a large additional intake of calories, tending to make them overweight.