CIET carries out project and programme evaluations that seek to measure impact, coverage, and cost across several sectors. CIET has carried out programme evaluations of mine awareness in Afghanistan and Angola, the nationwide health programme and a pilot hospital improvement initiative in Bangladesh, food security and cash assistance in Bosnia, HIV testing and antiretroviral therapy in Botswana, child health and development in Burkina Faso, prenatal nutrition programmes in First Nation communities of Canada, cholera control in Guatemala, coverage of measles vaccination in Liberia, school desertion and grade repetition as well as post-disaster dengue control in Costa Rica, disaster response and HIV/AIDS education in Nicaragua, telecentres and local economic development in South Africa, the impact of multi-media “edutainment” programmes in 8 Southern African countries, and agriculture and health in Uganda
See also: Service Delivery Surveys and Social Audits. Under these headings CIET has evaluated the delivery of public services from the point of view of the people who are supposed to be served. 
CIET favours forward-looking evaluation that involves the community and facilitates change rather than reviews of completed projects aimed simply at determining success or failure from the viewpoint of external agencies.