Local Economic Development

The Government of South Africa launched an initiative to kick-start the country’s economic growth through Spatial Development Initiatives (SDIs) in selected areas, one of which is the Wild Coast (formerly Transkei). There has been a need for a stakeholder information and planning system to monitor the impact of the SDI in terms of the stated objectives. The interaction between historically marginalised communities and government planning is also poorly developed. CIET methods were adapted to address those issues, focusing on the gender issues in Small and Micro-Enterprises (SMEs). They were also used in Bosnia to obtain a profile of poverty in the aftermath of the war and to assess the impact of a cash grant scheme for assisting the transition to a peacetime economy.
In Nicaragua in 2008, CIET conducted a baseline survey for assessing the effectiveness of an “inclusive business” model for the welfare of small-scale coffee workers and their relations with the environment.