CIET supported six survey cycles in Nepal, as part of the Nepal Multiple Indicator Surveillance (NMIS) project. The work was carried out in collaboration with the National Planning Commission (NPC), New ERA (a Nepali NGO), the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and UNICEF. A national sample of 144 communities — designed to represent the urban and rural conditions and the 15 eco-development regions of the country –was selected in collaboration with CBS. Household questionnaires covered some 100,000 people in 20,000 households, while qualitative data were obtained from focus group discussions in all 144 communities. The project’s initial objective, to collect data to report on progress towards the goals of the World Summit for Children, was modified to move towards a national system for consultation and measurement at community level. Financial support was provided by UNICEF.

By the end of 1998 six NMIS cycles had been completed:

Cycle I – Health and Nutrition
Cycle II – Primary Education
Cycle III – Diarrhoea, Water and Sanitation
Cycle IV – Early Childhood Feeding, Nutrition and Development
Cycle V – Care During Pregnancy: implications for protecting the health of mothers and their babies
Cycle VI – Service Delivery Survey: Health and Agriculture Services