Nepal NMIS Cycle 1: Health and Nutrition, 1995

The first NMIS cycle fieldwork was conducted between January and March 1995. Measles vaccination coverage was found to be low, with only a third of the target group (children nine to 12 months old) vaccinated. Overall, 15% of children aged 0-36 months had diarrhoea in the last two weeks; less than a quarter were given oral rehydration with Jevan Jal. Nearly a third of children had an acute respiratory infection in the previous two weeks; more than half were given less fluids and nearly three quarters were given less fluid during the illness. In many communities, iodized salt (preventing Iodine Deficiency Disorders) was not available in the local shops. Water and sanitation was perceived as a major problem in the community by 40% of respondents. Latrines were present in only one in six households overall, with this figure being much lower in some rural areas.