Nicaragua: Health Care for Injured Workers, Health Insurance System Follow-up, 1998

As one of the follow-up studies to the 1997 baseline study of the Health Insurance system, CIET in March 1998 evaluated client satisfaction with the Accredited Health Units, special facilities for treating injured workers in 6 major hospitals of the country. Interviews concerning their most recent encounters with the system were conducted with 1448 insured workers, who constitute 61% of all those treated by the system in the previous 6 months. Separate interviews were conducted with officials in 97 workplaces where the most accidents had occurred and 5 managers of the Social Security system. In addition to overall satisfaction, questions were asked concerning waiting time, admission procedures, provision of medicines and equipment, subsidies for time lost and the behavior of doctors and nurses. Some 61% of workers said they were very satisfied with the care received, while 18% were dissatisfied. These figures vary according to individual unit. A third of those insured were unaware of all they were entitled to under the system.