South Africa: Gender Violence and HIV Counseling Skills for Rural Rlders in Limpopo Province, 2005-6

In South Africa, nearly one in five children are cared for by a grandparent, yet very few HIV prevention initiatives are directed at elders. With support from AusAID’s Addressing Gender Violence Fund, this innovative CIET initiative will mobilise male and female elders to address gender violence and HIV & AIDS in selected Limpopo communities. The project supports elders in responding to those affected by these issues, equipping them with knowledge of local intervention resources.

Through facilitated discussion in groups – this project equips elders with the lexicon and information about HIV and sexual violence, subjects they have largely been excluded from. These “granny groups” empower elders to engage with their typically, better-informed children and grandchildren: to be a source of good information, a factor in family decision-making and a pointer to help-resources in the area.