1998, 10 Oct: Dispatch Online: Survey: One rapist convicted for 400 Jhb victims in '97

1998, 24 Nov: La Paz, Presencia Economia: Police and Customs at the head of the corruption list

1998, 29 Aug: Labrador Examiner: Healthier Start

1998, Integrity Survey: media coverage

1998: 31 Aug: The Labradorian: Breastfeeding survey being conducted

1999, 18 Jan: Chronicle-Herald: Smoking in pregnancy on the rise

1999, 29 Oct: Globe and Mail: Children's self-esteem affects diet, study finds

1999: 28 Oct: Daily News, Truro: Many 12-year-olds believe they have weight problem

2000, 23-29 June: Mail & Guardian, Johannesburg: Sex abuse is normal, say women

2001, 17 Nov: The Star, Johannesburg: SA's culture of sexual violence 'endemic'

2001, 26 Jan: Dispatch Online: EC social audit to be done

2001, 29 March: Dispatch Online: Eastern Cape departments may be in for a shakeup

2001, 8 Jun: Dispatch online: Wild Coast conditions worse since SDI - report

2002, 14 March: Cape Times, the Star: Abuse report shows we all need to take action

2002, 14 March: Dispatch Online: Young boys just as likely to be raped

2002, 5 March: Daily News: Report also implicates women in child abuse

2004, 12 June: Two articles in the English-language press from Lahore Pakistan

2004, 23 June: Karachi press: reports on workshop on abuse against women

2004, 24 Oct: The Daily Star, Dhaka: Poor health service leads patients to quacks, reveals survey

2005, 11 Nov: Dawn, Lahore, Pakistan: People turning to local government: study

2005, 26 Feb: Frontierpost: NWFP Governor highlights importance of social audit

2005, 5 Dec: The Post, Lahore, Pakistan: Although satisfied, people turning away from govt health services

2005, Jan: Urdu press, Lasbela, Pakistan

2006, 26 Feb: The News on Sunday: Roll of Schools

2009, 7 January: Mail & Guardian Online: Study: Two out of five SA schoolboys raped

2009: ADAPT video

Gaborone, Botswana - 1.05.2015 - Intensive course for HIV planners and researchers from SADC countries

2013.12.04 - CIET meet and greet at the McGill Department of Family Medicine

2013.10.01 - CIET joins Family Medicine at McGill University

2011.02.09 - New Spanish site launched

2011.06.28 - Nigeria course in epidemiology and evidence-based planning

2011.12.21 - Special collection of articles on Social Audit published

2001.06.20 - Jobless in Bizana

2003.12.18 - Islamabad, Pakistan: Social audit receives US$1.3 million from the Swiss Government

2005.09.12 - Islamabad, Pakistan: Prime Minister launches national social audit report

2005.09.24 - Peshawar, Pakistan: CIET concludes first course on evidence-based planning in Pakistan

2005.11.04 - Johannesburg: Youth views of sexual violence put them at high risk for HIV and AIDS

2006.02.14 - Launch of 2005 Khanewal social audit

2007.05.07 - CIET launches multi-country training on AIDS prevention trials in southern Africa

2007.07.27 - CIET and partners win NEAHR grant for Aboriginal health research

2007.12.14 - Second module AIDS prevention trial training completed

2008.02.10 - First Inuit Health Research and Planning Winter Institute 2008

2008.08.27 - Special issue of Pimatisiwin on resilience

2009.05.29 - International Congress on Circumpolar Health: July 11-16, 2009

2009.06.19 - Inuit Institute for Research and Planning, Ottawa 2009

2009.10.16 - New publications on household immunisation decisions in Pakistan

2009.11.04 - Canada: CIHR Centre for Intercultural Research on Prevention of Gender Violence

2009.12.02 - Camino Verde: sustainable dengue control in Mexico and Nicaragua

2011.01.10 - ADAPT2 launched