First phase (2007-2009)

 The first phase of ADAPT ran over two and a half years, from 2007 to mid 2009.

An eight week course  for African researchers focused on randomised controlled trials and the use of epidemiology for planning. The course ran in two four-week blocks, in May and November 2007.

 CIET continued to work with the network of researchers created across the region, consolidating skills, communicating findings from the surveys, and designing and seeking funding for multi-country AIDS prevention trials. A randomised AIDS prevention trial through interventions to reduce choice-disablement and gender based violence began in 2008 in three of the countries (Botswana, Namibia, and Swaziland).

A session on communicating epidemiological findings, Botswana Nov.2007

A one-week follow-up course in Botswana in February 2009 brought together many of the original course participants. At their request, the course focused on assessing published evidence, further analysis of their own national data, and preparation of abstracts for scientific meetings and papers for publication in scientific journals.

Seven abstracts related to or prepared as part of the ADAPT project were accepted for the 2009 AIDS Impact conference, which took place in Gaborone, Botswana, in September 2009. This international conference takes place every two years in different locations worldwide. Six of the abstracts included ADAPT trainees as authors, and four ADAPT trainees presented papers at the conference. Click the following links to see the abstracts.   

Four papers based on the work summarised in the AIDS Impact conference presentations were subsequently published:

  • Ho-Foster A, Laetsang D, Masisi M, Anderson M, Tlhoiwe D, Cockcroft A, Andersson N.Gender-specific patterns of multiple concurrent sexual partnerships: a national cross sectional survey in Botswana. AIDS Care 2010; 22(8): 1006-1011

  • Cockcroft A, Andersson N, Ho-Foster A, Marokoane N, Mziyako B. What happened to multiple sexual partnerships in Swaziland? Analysis of five linked national surveys between 2002 and 2008. AIDS Care2010; 22(8) : 955-960

  • Cockcroft A, Lengwe Kunda J, Kgakole L, Masisi M, Laetsang D, Ho-Foster A, Marokoane N, Andersson N. Community views of inter-generational sex: findings from focus groups in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland. Psychology, Health and Medicine2010; 15 (5): 507-514

  •  Amuri B, Mitchell S, Cockcroft A, Andersson N. Socio-economic status and HIV and AIDS stigma in Tanzania. AIDS Care 2011; 23 (3): 378-382 

Click here to view an 8-minute video on the experience of the first phase of ADAPT.