Concerting in Swaziland

Visit the Concerting page for a general description of the Concerting intervention.

We began Concerting activities in Swaziland in 2009. A CIET representative visited the sites and presented him/herself to the community inner council (Bandlancani) through the community Bucopho.

We identified local service providers and met them individually to share and discuss evidence about choice disability. We then brought local service providers together to form a forum where they could work together in addressing choice disability. However, these fora were not sustained, with the issue of choice disability not being seen as “core business” for the service providers.

A concerting forum meeting in Swaziland

Therefore we worked with groups already active in the communities, such as RHM/ Bagcugcuteli (rural health motivators), HBC /Banakekeli (Home based carers) and Support givers /Lihlombe lekukhalela, keeping issues about choice disability on the agenda of their regular meetings at least monthly. Discussions about choice disability led on from issues they were already discussing, such as women’s rights, access to condoms and specifically female condoms.