INSTRUCT engagement survey
in pilot district

In early June 2014, we trained 43 fieldworkers to undertake the first engagement survey for the INSTRUCT trial. The trainees, all young women from the pilot district, learned how to gather data for the household survey using handheld tablets. The devices use open-source software to collect and relay data directly from the field to a centrally-located server. Following the training, field teams started collecting data in house-to-house visits. They also used the tablet devices to show the young women video clips about available structural support programs.

As far as possible, the young women fieldworkers visited all households in the pilot district to identify young women aged 15-29 years, to collect information about their experience of the structural support programs, and to share user-friendly information about the programs with them. Fieldworkers used the android tablets to record interview responses and share video clips about the available programs.

Workshops for young women will link them to structural programs and build skills in communication and negotiation as well as basic business skills. The INSTRUCT intervention package also includes building an enabling community environment by discussing an eight episode audio-drama (about gender, gender violence, choice-disability, and HIV risk) with all segments of the community.