Socializing evidence
for participatory action – SEPA

The social audits to measure maternal and child health outcomes were designed with an increased emphasis on socializing the evidence for participatory action (SEPA), both at government and community levels. We adopted a comprehensive, three prong communication strategy to achieve this objective:

Three focus local government authorities in both Bauchi and Cross River states are part of the SEPA communication strategy. Each component of this strategy carefully documents stakeholder responses, collating further evidence on the actions and commitments agreed upon and how these work out in the representative sample of communities. Involvement of staff members from the Bauchi Ministry of Health and the Cross River Ministry of Health, their parastatal agencies and local government authorities strengthens government capacity to replicate these communication models once they are successfully established.

workshopping around scorecards

During the official launch of the key findings of both the maternal and child health cycles, in 2010 and 2012, respectively, CIET disseminated scorecards depicting key findings from the social audit and discussed action pointers with state, local government authorities and ward-level stakeholders for policy advocacy and action: the discussions were timed to link with the annual budget and planning process.

docudrama screenings

In an effort to generate debate and discussion for action planning in communities, CIET produced docudramas depicting findings from the social audit cycles. CIET disseminated these docudramas in communities soon after the official launch of the key findings of the maternal and child health cycles.

Households visits

With docudrama screenings at the community level firmly in place, CIET started household visits in 30 communities in focus local government authorities in each state. Health workers and community activists received training to visit all households in their catchment area and talk with pregnant women and their husbands. In late 2012, CIET spread the scope of household visits to include a child health component.

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